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Countries of OtherWorld


Capital: Tingapore
Emblem: the hundrerd-eyed purple peacock
Inhabitants: Humans and others\

Meme is ruled by Empress Lisbeth'tylanhnem T'al Barmi Ab Santa Ab Maru and her half-brother Imperator Sandor T'al Barmi Ab March Ab Brevis. It has about 200 million inhabitants. It trades with other countries and has the largest elven army apart from Selenda.


Capital: Travia
Emblem: White unicorn with a gold horn below a silver crescent moon
Inhabitants: Humans and others\

Lowcospeed is ruled by King Bear and his wife Titania. It has a population of about 80 million. Lowcospeed is one of the few countries that accepts vampyrs, with whom the country has ancestral ties.


Capital: Geopole
Emblem: Wall of spellblock stones below the OtherWorld sun
Inhabitants: Giants\

Gandis is run by the powerful Groar family. The Island of Black Roses and the Swamp of Desolation are in Gandis.


Capital: Minat
Emblem: Anvil and war hammer on an open mine entrance
Inhabitants: Dwarves\

Hymlia is ruled by the Fireforge clan. Dwarves are extremely strong, often as wide as they are tall. They are OtherWorld's miners and blacksmiths and ae excellent metalworkers and jewelers. They are known for having lousy personalities, hating magic, and liking long and complicated songs.


Capital: Kria
Emblem: A tree beneath a club
Inhabitants: Trolls\

Trolls are enormous, hairy, and green. They have huge, flat teeth and are vegetarians. They have a bad reputation because they feed on trees and decimate forests, which horrifies the elves. They also tend to quickly become impatient, and to crush everything in their path.


Capital: Urla
Emblem: An astrolabe under a star and the symbole of infinity
Inhabitants: Vampyrs\

Vampyrs are sages. They are patient and cultured, and spend most of their very long existence in mediation, devoting themselves to mathematics and astronomy. They search for the meaning of life. They feed entirely on blood from the cattle they raise: brrraaas, mooouuus, horses, goats-imported from Earth-sheep, and so on. They can't drink the blood of some animals. In particular unicorn or human blood causes them to go insane, cuts their life expectancy in half, and makes them deathly allergic to sunlight. Their bite then becomes poisonous and allows them to enslave any humans they bite. Moreover, if their victims are contaminated by this corrupted blood they become vampyrs in turn, but corrupt and evil. Vampyrs who fal prey to this curse are ruthelessly hunted down by their fellows as well as by all the other people of OtherWorld.


The vast Eastern plain, is the land of unicorns and centaurs. Unicorns are small horses with a single spiral horn that can be unscrewed, cloven hooves, and white coats. Some unicorns aren't very smart, but others are true sages, whose intellect can match that of dragons. This peculiarity makes it hard to classify them, either as people or animals. Centaurs are animals that are half horses and either half man or half woman. There are two kind of centaurs: ones where the upper body is human and the lower is horse, and ones where the upper body is horse and the lower is human. No one knows what magical manipulation produced centaurs. They are a complex people and don't mix with others except to obtain essential necessities, such as salt or salves. Centaurs are fierce and wild. They won't hesitate to shoot arrows at any stranger crossing their land. In the plains, it is said that the shamans of the centaur tribes atch Pllops, the extremely poisonous blue and white frogs, and lick their backs to get visions of the future. The fact that the centaurs were practically exterminated by the elves during the great Starlings War suggest that the method is not very effective.


Capital: Seborn
Emblem: Full silver moon above two opposing bows with notched golden arrows
Inhabitants: Elves\

Like Spellbinders, elves have the gift of magic. They look generally human with a few differences: their ears are pointed and their very light eyes have a vertical pupil, like cats. Elves live in OtherWorld's forests and plains, and are renowed hunters. They also like fighting and all games that involve defeating an adversary, like wrestling. For that reason they are often used in police or surveillance forces, where their energy can be used judiciously. When elves start growing magic corn or barely, the people of OtherWorld get worried, because it means they will soon go to war. Since they won't have time to hunt in wartime, the elves start growing crops and raising cattle. Once the war is over, they return to their ancestral way of life. Another peculiarity of elves: male elves carry the babies in a little pouch on their stomach, like marsupials, until the children are able to wakl. Also, a female elf can't have more than five husbands.


Capital: Small Emblem: Stylized globe surrounding a flower, a bird and a spider
Inhabitants: Gnomes, P'abo imps, fairies and Goblins\

Gnomes are short and stocky and wear their orange hair in a quiff. They feed on stones and are miners, like dwarves. The quiff is a veryeffective detector of dangerous gas. As long as sticks straight up, all is well. But the moment it begins to slump, gnomes know there is dangerous gas in the mine, and they flee. For some reason, gnomes are also the only poeple who can communicate with the Truth Tellers. P'abo are the small, playful yellow imps of Smallcountry. They are the creators of the famous fortune-telling lollipops called Soothsuckers. They can project illusions and briefly make themselves invisible. they also love gold, which they keep in a hidden purse. If you find the purse, you can make the imp grant you two wishes in order to get its precious gold back. But it's risky to ask an imp for a wish because they are experts at misinterpretation, and the results can be unexpected.


Capital: Sala
Emblem: Tall standing worm holding a blue salt crystal in its teeth
Inhabitants: Salterens\

The Salterens are the slavers of OtherWorld. Holed up in their impenetrable desert, a bipedal mix of lion and cheetah, they are plunderers and brigands who exploit the mines of magical salt (both condiment and magical ingredient). They are led by the Great Cacha and his Grand Vizier, Ilpabon, and divided into several powerful tribes.


Capital: Cityville
Emblem: Square, compass and crystal ball on a parchment background
Inhabitants: Tatris, Cahmboum, Tatzboum...\

The tatris are unusual in that they have two heads. They are very good at organization. They often have executive jobs or work in the highest levels of government, both because they like to and because of their physical peculiarity. They have no imagination and feel that only work is important. They are the favorite targets of the P'abo, the playful imps, who are unable to conceive of a people without any sense of humor The imps have desperately been trying to make the tatris laugh for centuries. The P'abo have even created a prize for the first of them to accomplish that feat.

Other Planets


Dragons are huge, very intelligent reptiles. They know magic and are able to take any shape, though most often human. In opposing the demons who were fighting them to rule the universe, the dragons had conquered all the known worlds until they collided with earthly spellbinders. After the battle they decided that it made more sense to make allies of the humans rather than enemies, particularly since they still had to fight the demons. so they abandoned their plan to dominate Earth. However, they refused to allow spellbinders to rule the Earth. Instead, they invited them to OtherWorld to train and educate them. After many years of suspicion, the earthly spellbinders finally accepted abd came to live on OtherWorld.


The Demonic World, the domain of demons, divided into different worlds called circles. Demons are more or less powerful and more or less civilized, depending on the circle they occupy. Th demons of Cicles 1, 2 and 3 are wild and very dangerous. The demons of Circles 4, 5 and 6 are often called on by spellbinders within service exchange agreements. Spellbinders can get things they need from the demons, and vice versa. Circle 7 is the circle where the Demon King reigns.


Icy planet of the Truth Tellers, intelligent and telepathic plants.

Fauna, flora and proverbs


Spiderlike animals that come from Smallcountry. The gnomes ride them, and their silk is famous for its strength. They have eight legs and eight eyes, and an unusual tail like a scorpion, with a poisonous stinger. Arachnes are very intelligent and love to challenge their future prey to solve riddles.


Astopheles are small pink flowers which have the property of neutralising the sense of smell for a few days. Animals carefully avoid the astopheles fields, which suits the plants perfectly, which have developed this strange ability to escape grazers of all kinds. Humans who have to deal with the Traducs, whose flesh is delicious but whose stench is legendary, use asopheles balm to neutralise their sense of smell.


Beautiful flowers, ballorchids are named after the yellow and green globes that contain them before they hatch. Parasitic plants, they grow extremely fast. They can kill a tree in a few seasons and then, by moving their roots, attack another tree. Otherworldly trees fight ballorchids by secreting corrosive substances to discourage them from attaching themselves to them.


Red plants whose crystalline extracts give a total euphoria that leads to ecstasy and then death for humans. Trolls use them for toothache.


Sheep with beautiful white wool, the beees have adapted to the very variable seasons of the magical planet and can lose their fleece or have it grow back in a few hours. Breeders make use of this characteristic when shearing: they make the beees (on OtherWorld, we say 'gullible like a beee') believe that it is suddenly very hot and they immediately get rid of their fleece.

Bendruc the Hideous

Bendruc is such an ugly deity from the demonic limbo that even the other demon gods have a certain respect for his terrifying appearance. His entrails are not inside his body, but outside it, so when he eats, his worshippers can watch the digestion process live with interest.


Large red and yellow bees, the bizzz, unlike earthling bees, have no stinger. Their only means of defense, apart from their resemblance to saccats, is to secrete a toxic substance that poisons any predator that wants to eat them. The honey they produce from the magical flowers of OtherWorld has an incomparable taste. It is often said on OtherWorld that something is 'as sweet as bizzz honey'.


The flying equivalent of the cleaning poofs, blazes are the terror of Otherworld's spiders, which they hunt down without mercy.

Blood flies

Flies whose sting is extremely painful.


Bllls are winged fish that spend part of their time in the water and the other part, when they need to reproduce, outside. They are very graceful and beautiful with their shimmering colours and are often used as decoration in beautiful pools.


An amazing demonstration of the inventiveness of magic on OtherWorld, blurps are insectoid plants. Hidden under the ground, looking like large reddish leather bags, one part in the water and the other on land, they open up to swallow any unwary visitor. The little blurps look like termites, and take care of supplying the mother plant with victims by dragging them towards it. Once they have grown, they move away from the nest and plant their roots, burrowing into the earth and the process repeats itself. It is often said on OtherWorld that 'getting lost in a nest of blurps' is a way of referring to someone who has no chance of getting out.


A beautiful bird from OtherWorld, somewhat similar to a parrot. Bobelles feed on pure magic and are therefore very attracted to Spellbinders.

Body drier

Immaterial entities, sub-elements of wind, body dryers are used in bathrooms, but also when sailing on OtherWorld, where they are called 'windblowers'.


Huge cattle with very thick wool, which the giants ake into clothing. Brrraaas are very aggressive and will charge anything that moves. as a result you often encounter brrraaas exhausted from chasing their own shadows. We say "Stubborn as a brrraaa."


A much sought-after delicacy in OtherWorld, brill shoots are found deep in the magical mountains of Hymlia, and the dwarves who harvest them sell them at a high price to merchants in OtherWorld. This makes the dwarves laugh (they don't eat them) because in Hymlia, brills are regarded as weeds.


Distant cousins of the fairies, the brilliants are the lights of OtherWorld. They can take many forms, either pretty little miniature fairies with wings, or luminous winged snakes, depending on the continent. They make their nests on lampposts and wherever OtherWorldlings attract them. They are very bright, and a single glow can light up a whole room.

Brown Camelina

Heart-shaped plants whose leaves are edible. Many travellers have been able to survive without any food other than Camelina leaves. The plant can have different colours depending on the season and location. It is also known as the "traveller's plant". It tastes a bit like a cheese sandwich and has a vaguely spongy consistency.


A variety of large turnips with delicate pink flesh, very popular on OtherWorld.

Bubble Sardine

The bubble sardine is a fish that expands when attacked; its skin stretches to the point that it is almost impossible to cut. On OtherWorld, don't we say 'indestructible as a bubble-sardine'?


So named because the first sip makes you shiver and go buuuurp and you wonder if you'll have the courage to drink the second...


The chamelin, which takes its name from its ability to change colour according to its environment, is a rather rare plant. In the plains of Mentalir, its dominant colour will be blue, in the Salterens desert it will become blond or white, etc. It retains this ability once it has been harvested and woven. It is made into a precious fabric which changes colour according to its environment.


Chatrix are large, black, aggressive hyenas with poisonous teeth that only hunt at night. They can be tamed and trained and are sometimes used as guards by the Meme Empire.


Often an advisor to the rulers of OtherWorld, the chimera has the head of a lion, the body of a goat and the tail of a dragon.


An intelligent entity that lists all books, films and other artistic productions from Earth, OtherWorld, Dranvouglispenchir and Demonic Limbo. There is hardly any question to which the Voice, emanating from the Discutarium, does not have the answer.


Cousins of the dragons, but lacking their intelligence, drago-tyrannosaurs have small wings, but cannot fly. Fearsome predators, they eat everything that moves and even everything that doesn't move. Living in the hot, humid forests of Meme, they make this part of the planet particularly unsuitable for tourism development.


A race of demons who allied themselves with the humans against the other demons during the great battle of the Rift. To thank them, they received permission from Demiderus to come to our universe at the simple summons of a Spellbinder. They decided to use their powers to help the humans on the OtherWorld. The less powerful of them are used as servants, messengers, policemen, etc.


There are several kinds of elementals: fire, water, earth and air. They are generally friendly, except for the fire elementals who are rather ill-tempered, and willingly help OtherWorldlings with their daily housework.


Green jackals of the Salterens desert, fangdogs hunt in packs.


Large blue bag-like organisms that feed on the waste in the saltwater harbours of OtherWorld, keeping the water clear and pure.


A curious life form on OtherWorld whose feathers continually blaze and renew themselves. Firebirds nest on ignitors, the only fireproof trees in OtherWorld that can support their nests. Totally hydrophobic, the slightest drop of water can kill them.


The gambola is an animal commonly used in sorcery. A small rodent with blue teeth, it burrows so deeply into the soil of OtherWorld that its flesh and blood are impregnated with magic. Once dried, and thus 'wilted', and then ground into powder, the 'wilted gambola' allows the most difficult magical operations. Some Spellbinders also use wilted gambola for their own consumption, as the powder provides hallucinatory visions. This practice is strictly forbidden on OtherWorld and those addicted to gambola are severely punished.


A plant similar to rhubarb, with a slight taste of honey.


Small quadrupeds with smooth red hair (or green hair for trolls), crowned with wood.


A minor deity of the Demonic Limbo whose breath is so violently stale that his worshippers can only enter his temple with their snout/face covered by a scented cloth. Even flies cannot survive in the temple of Gelisor. And during meetings with the other gods, it is requested to wash one's fangs before coming, so that the meeting is at least bearable. It is also forbidden to smoke near Gelisor.


Sauriens with a slim, green-and-brown head that live in lakes and swamps. They are extremely voracious. They can spend several hours underwater without breathing, waiting to catch an unsuspecting animal that has come to take a drinl. They build nests in hiding places along the shore and store their prey in holes at the bottom of the lake.

Golden Krel

Sensitive trees on OtherWorld, they reflect the feelings of animals or people who pass by or through them in impressive bursts of colour.


Three-, five- or seven-headed hydras from OtherWorld often live in rivers and lakes.


Used as a tea, this herb is known for its relaxing properties. So relaxing, in fact, that you should only consume it in bed. On OtherWorld, it is also called floppy-flop, in reference to its action on the muscles. And there is an expression that says: "You're a real kax!" or "oh the floppy-flop!" to describe someone who is very soft.


Beautiful forest flowers with pink and white petals. Their slightly sweet flavor makes them a delicacy for OtherWorld herbivores ad omnivores. To avoid being eaten into extinction, kalornas have evolved three petals that work like eyes. These can detect the approach of a predator and allow the flower to quickly hide underground. Unfortunately kalornas are also very curious. They often stick up their petals too soon and are promptly eaten. We say "As curious as a kalorna."


A luminous, silvery metal used by the elves for their breastplates and armor. Both light and very strong, Keltril is almost indestructible.


A gigantic octopus with black tentacles. Because of its size it is found in OtherWorld's salt seas, but it can also live in fresh water. Krakens are a well-known danger to sailors.


Animals from the Krankar, the land of the trolls, the krakteeth looks like a pink stuffed animal whose front and back cannot be clearly made out, but are extremely dangerous, as their expandable mouth can triple in size and allow them to swallow almost anything. Many tourists on OtherWorld have ended their lives with the phrase: "Look how cute it is...". Several murders disguised as accidents have been carried out with the help of krakteeths and discovered thanks to the Truth Tellers.


A small, lemon-yellow rodent much like a rabbit. Because the OtherWorld environment is so colorful, krekrekre can escape their predators quite easily. Although their flesh is rather bland, it is nourishing for the hungry traveller or the patient hunter. On OtherWorld, krekrekres are also bred in captivity.


A kind of purple and yellow grasshopper that centaurs eat like crazy, but whose shrill cry in the tall grass can also drive anyone who tries to sleep mad.


A large blue omnivorous mammal with red tusks, Krouikkks are known for their very bad temper and are bred for their tasty flesh. A troop of wild Krouikkks can devastate a field in a matter of hours, which is why farmers in OtherWorld use anti-Krouikkk spells to protect their crops.


A type of large wild rose of all colours, deliciously scented.


The Kroa is the main menu of the Glurps* who can easily spot them because of their particularly annoying song.


The krok-shark is a predator of the OtherWorld seas. A huge animal with sharp teeth, it does not hesitate to attack the famous Kraken and, with the latter, makes the OtherWorld' seas unsafe for sailors.


Two-headed stags without antlers. When one head is eating, the other vigilantly watches for predators. To move, mooouuus travel sideways, like crabs.

Mud Eater

Inhabitants of the Swamps of Desolation on Gandis, Mud Eaters are large furry creatures that feed on nutrients in the mud, insects and water lilies. The primitive Mud Eater tribes have little contact with the planet's other inhabitants.


The juicy white shoots of manuril are a popular side dish for the inhabitants of OtherWorld.


Bigger than blood flies, the moshquitoes settle discreetly on traducs and other brrraaa and burrow into their flesh, causing small nodules, which must be nicked to get them out, as they secrete toxins that can kill livestock.


A fruit that is very difficult to harvest, because mrmoum trees are huge animated plants that can cover as much area as a small forest. As soon as a predator approaches, mroum trees sink into the ground with the characteristic sound that gives them their name. It can be startling to be walking around and see an entire forest of mroum trees suddenly disappear, leaving only an empty plain.


OtherWorld's newspapers that Spellbinders and Nonspells read on crystal balls, tablet, or smart phones (if they have a subscription, that is...).


Nipredcurrent juice is thirst-quenching and refreshing. Slightly fizzy, it is one of the favourite drinks of OtherWorldlings.


Nonspells (contraction of 'non-spellbinders') are humans who lack Spellbinders' powers.


Winged horse that is about as smart as a dog. They do not have hooves, but claws to perch easily. They often make their nests at the top of Steel Giants.


Shamans are the healers, the doctors of OtherWorld. While all Spellbinders can apply Reparus, there are many illnesses that cannot be cured with this handy spell. Shamans are also masters of herbs and potions.


Small, very poisonous blue and white frogs found on the Mentalir plains.


Small boxes on legs with a big lid that swallows all the waste that falls on the ground. On OtherWorld it is wise to be careful of what you drop unintentionally, otherwise you will have to go and find it in the mouth of a poof-poof. The researchers who invented the poof-poof (it's a half-magical, half-technological organism) have programmed them so that the waste they cannot use nutritionally is automatically transferred by mini-transfer gates integrated into a black hole in the Andromeda galaxy.

Popping Peanut

Popping Peanut get their name from the very characteristic sound they make when opened. A fragrant oil is extracted from them, which is widely used in the kitchen by OtherWorld's great chefs... and wise housewives.


Small red mice with two tails able to teleport from one place to another. Their natural enemy is the mrrr, a kind of large orange cat with green ears that has the same ability.


A snotty yellow carnivorous plant from Otherworld, it gives off a strong scent of rotting flesh to attract scavengers and predators. It gobbles them up as soon as they come within reach of its tentacles. On OtherWorld, the insult 'stink like a pooott' rivals 'stink like a traduc'.

Red banana

Similar to Earth bananas, except for their colour and larger size.

Red Trr

Rotproof wood, whose logs are often used for houses and especially for inns, because it is difficult to break and does not get affected by beer.


Marge swarmig, flying red and yellow insects. They are poisonous and very aggressive. They produce a honey that is much sought after on OtherWorld. Only dwarves can eat sacat larvae, which they consider a delicacy. Everyone else can wind up with a swarm of them in their stomach, as the shell of the larvae isn't dissolved by human or elfin digestive juices.


A small winged camera, a product of OtherWorld technology. Semi-intelligent, the scoop lives only to film and transmit its images to its crystallist.


A particularly stupid little animal whose species only survives because it reproduces quickly. Looks like a cross between a coypu and a rabbit on anxiolytics. "Scrogneupluf' is a common swear word on OtherWorld for someone or something really stupid.


The juice of the slurp, a plant native to the plains of Mentalir, tastes strangely like a delicately peppery beef stock. The plant has reproduced this meaty flavour in order to escape the herds of unicorns, which are fiercely herbivorous. However, the OtherWorld's inhabitants, having discovered the slurp's taste, took the habit of preparing their dishes with slurp juice.

Snuffy Lurker

Looking like a two-legged fox, usually dressed in rags, with a large bag on his side, the snuffy lurker is a henhouse and spatchoonhouse looter, which means that he is not very popular with the farmers of OtherWorld. He has the little-known ability to split in two, which allows him to free himself from the prisons he is so often locked up in.


The fortune-telling lollipops, also called prophesicles, created by the playful P’abo imps. Licking away the candy’s outer layer reveals the prediction in the center. Even if you don’t understand it, the prediction always comes true. High wizards of many nations have studied these mysterious candies to understand how they work. But the P’abo guard the secret well. All the Spellbinders got for their pains were cavities in their teeth and extra pounds on their hips.


Plants with large, fragrant flowers, they trap insects and animals with their soporific pollen. Once the insect or animal is asleep, they spray it with pollen so that it acts as a fertilizer. The insect or animal wakes up after a while and, passing through other fields, fertilizes other flowers. Sopors are not dangerous, but by putting their pollination to sleep, they expose them to other predators. This is why carnivores are often seen around sopor fields, carnivores that have learned to hold their breath long enough to catch their prey and get it out of the field. It is often said on OtherWorld, "boring as a sopor field".


A kind of giant scorpion from Smallcountry. When domesticated, they are ridden by the gnomes, who also work their very tough hide. Gnomes love to eat birds and have practically wiped them out from their country. This has opened an ecological niche for nsects and otehr animals. Since they no longer have any natural enemies, they have kept growing larger, with each generation more numerous than the preceding one. As a result, the gnomes' country is now overrun with giant scorpions, spiders, and milipedes.


Human, elf or any other intelligent entity with the art of magic.


Spatchoons are giant, golden turkeys that gobble constantly as they swagger around and are very easy to hunt. It is often said "dumb as a Spatchoon", or "vain as a Spatchoon".


As their name suggests, stingggs are otherworldly insects that, like blood flies, feed on the blood of their victims. The difference is that they inject a powerful venom to fluidify the blood of their prey and many traducs, mooouuus or bee-eaters have literally bled to death after being attacked by stingggs; fortunately, they are mostly found in the vicinity of swamps where they lay their eggs.

Steel Giant

Gigantic trees on OtherWorld, Steel Giants can reach two hundred metres in height and the circumference of their trunk can be up to fifty metres! Pegasus often use Steel Giants for nesting, keeping their offspring safe from predators.

Strangling Glutton

As its name suggests, the strangling glutton is a hairy, elongated animal that uses its body as a rope to strangle its victims.


The equivalent of our grasshoppers. They can be very destructive when they migrate in swarms, devastating all crops in their passing. They produce a very fertile slime, commonly used in magic.


Sort of small green or grey rats, found in ports. Taks are feared by sailors because they can eat a boat in a few days. This proves that they don't have a strong survival instinct, because once the boat is eaten, the taks drown.


Taludis are small animals with three white helmet-shaped eyes that can record anything. They feed on film or electricity and see through illusions, making them valuable and incorruptible witnesses. You only have to put them on your head to see what they have seen.


Dreaded mice with ant head whose sting is horribly painful, taormis are capable of decimating an entire forest when one of the ant hills/nests decides to migrate. They also produce a very sweet honey, which is appreciated by otherworldly animals, but is particularly difficult to obtain without losing one's life.


A small yellow flower whose pollen, the equivalent of pepper on the Otherworld, is extremely irritating. Breathing in a Tatchoum will unblock any nose.


For ease of translation OtherMondian/terrian, the author has directly converted Tatrolls into kilometres and bastrolls into metres. A troll is three meters high, a batroll is 1.5 meters and a Tatroll is one and a half kilometres.


A kind of dragon champagne. Humans find it tastes vaguely like antifreeze.


The OtherWorld version of almonds.

Tormentor Worm

Tormentor worms reproduce by inserting their larvae under the skin of animals while they sleep. Although not fatal, the bite is painful and must be disinfected immediately before the larvae can spread through the body. The term "tormentor worm" is an insult for a person who is intruding.


Large animals raised by the centaurs for their meat and wool. They smell very bad, which protects them from all predators except Crrrèks. These are small, voracious wolves who are able to block their nostrils so they don't smell the traducs' stink. "You stink like a sick traduc" is a widespread OtherWorld insult.


Small ruby-coloured birds in the forests of OtherWorld, and green in the troll forest. Their name is due to the very special cry (treeeeeeee), that they utter.


Enchanted weapons that inevitably find their target, consisting of three deadly spikes, often coated with poison or anaesthetic, depending on whether the attacker wants to put the victim to death or just to sleep.

Truth Tellers

Intelligent plants from Santivor, a cold planet near OtherWorld. The Tellers are telepathic and able to detect the slightest lie. Mute, they communicate with blue gnomes, the only ones able to hear their thoughts.


Towards the Salterens desert, the T'sil bury themselves in the sand and wait for an animal to pass. They then attach themselves to the animal and pierce the skin or shell. The eggs enter the bloodstream and are spread throughout the host's body. A hundred hours later, the eggs hatch and the T'sil eat the body of their victim to leave. On OtherWorld, death by T'sil is one of the most gruesome. This is why not many tourists are tempted to trek through the Salteran desert. If there is an antidote for ordinary T'sil, there is none for the golden T'sil, whose attack inevitably leads to death.


A delicious bubbly drink made from cola, apples and oranges, Tzinpaf is a refreshing and energising drink.


A small horse with cloven feet and a single horn. Unicorns are wise thinkers thanks to the Mentalir Knowledge grass.

Velvet (Wood)

This wood is highly prized on OtherWorld for its solidity and beautiful golden colour, and is widely used in marquetry and for flooring. Its special texture makes it look like ice to the eye and feel like a deep, soft carpet to the touch.


Small golden plums from Otherworld, quite similar to the mirabelle plum, but sweeter.


A winged lizard that flies mostly at night, can be up to thirty metres long and is a fish-eater. The vulture has a gemstone embedded in its forehead that neutralizes the effects of certain poisons, and its body parts are often used for potions. It is rumoured that the first vouivre was born from a rooster's egg, a biological impossibility which at the time caused a great stir in the henhouse and triggered a series of very embarrassing questions for the poor bird.


Six-legged, gold-and-white felines, a favorite of the Empress of Meme. she has cast a spell on them so that they don't realize they are imprisoned in her palace. Instead of furniture and sofas, they see trees and comfortable stones. the courtiers are invisible to them, and when vrrirs are stroked, they think it is the wind blowing through their fur.


A huge red whale, two-and-a-half times the size of an Earth whale. Its extremely rich milk is traded by liquidians, like tritons and mermaids, to solidans, who live in dry land. Whaloon butter and cream are sought-after delicacies. The whales of OtherWorld sing unforgettable melodies: "To sing like a balboune" is an extraordinary compliment.


A carnivorous, aggressive and voracious plant, wolfsbanes feeds on insects and small rodents. Their petals, which vary in colour but are always bright, have sharp spines that "harpoon" their prey. The size of a large dog, they are difficult to pick and are a delicacy on OtherWorld.


Servants of the dragons, wyverns are giant lizards with golden scales, able to stand in a bipedal position thanks to pivoting hips. Less intelligent than dragons, they make up a large part of their armed forces and have no sense of humour, especially with a neutron gun between their paws. They are thought to have been created from the biological experiments of dragons on their own cells and are therefore very distant cousins.


A kind of large red cherry the size of a peach.


An intelligent chameleon capable of blending into the background to the point of being invisible. Protector of the Imperial Family of Meme, they serve as a living recorder and spy for the Empress.